Scott Boggs

Fingerstyle Guitar. Vocals.
Mandolin. Original Music.

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Durham, NC, Alternative/Original Music

Scott is a multifaceted musician—song writer, guitarist, mandolin player and singer. He plays with singer/mandolinist Kate Annett-Hitchcock in an acoustic music duo, The Barred Owls, and also plays solo shows. His eclectic original and world music band, Lucky Puppy, is on permanent hiatus.

He was fortunate to study with two of his heroes, legendary guitarist Duck Baker and fingerstyle jazz pioneer Howard Morgen. And he has taken mandolin courses with folks like Mike Marshall, Emory Lester, and Matt Flinner at the wonderful Swannanoa Gathering.

Truth, Beauty, & the Good

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Three Legged Cat, Ocean, Yes You Are: © Scott Boggs. Shaker's Autumn © David Belton

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